20 Memorial Day Songs to Put on Your Patriotic Playlist

Your heart will be bursting with pride when you listen to our top 20 patriotic songs.

Memorial Day is a special time to remember those who have lost their lives serving our country.

Make sure you also take the time to remember the history of Memorial Day and what this three-day weekend is really about. 

Country music, is a true storytelling art form …

So what better way to honor our country's struggles and victories than with some iconic country songs.

Each song will remind you of the many reasons you should appreciate America and those who protect it.

Put this patriotic playlist on in the background to celebrate the U.S.A. and those who have given up so much for our country.

1. "The Ones Who Didn't Make it Back Home" ~ Justin Moore

This song has a wealth of emotional power and shows how our lives are all intertwined.
It is a powerful tribute to all who have left this world far too soon.

2. "I Drive Your Truck" ~ Lee Brice

This song honors every family who has lost a child.
They all hold on to something,
whether it's a truck, a car, dog tags, CDs, a baseball glove, a teddy bear …
Whatever it is, all of us hold on to something from our child.

3. "Only In America" ~ Brooks & Dunn

The lyrics of this song tell the story of working-class Americans …
a bus driver, a welder, a banker’s daughter ...
The point is that each of these people is,
in their own way,
living the so-called “American dream”.

4. "50,000 Names Carved In The Wall" ~ George Jones

The song is about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial,
which is a wall that spans two acres in Washington, D.C.
It has the names of the fallen inscribed onto it.
The wall honors U.S. service members of the Armed Forces …
who fought and died for their country in the Vietnam War.

5. "Color Me America" ~ Dolly Parton

This is a song about being proud of where you're from,
with no hints of bias against outsiders
or vengeance over global headlines.
Pure patriotism.

6. "Born in the U.S.A." ~ Bruce Springsteen

The complexity of "Born in the U.S.A." is why it has endured for nearly 4 decades.
It describes the enigmas and challenges of the country that we have grown up in.
It’s a rock-and-roll anthem.

7. "Travelin' Soldier" ~ Dixie Chicks

This is a song about a lovelorn teenage girl …
Waiting for the return of the young Army soldier she barely knows.
It is heartbreaking and very moving.

8. "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" ~ Toby Keith

This is a song about Keith’s father's patriotism and faith in the USA.
It only took Toby Keith 20 minutes to write but it leaves a lasting impression.

9. "America Will Always Stand" ~ Randy Travis

This emotive song demands that America remain united
And that we remember the sacrifices made for us.
America will always stand.

10. "An American Heart" ~ Faith Hill

The point of the song is that an “American Heart”
is a strong, resilient thing of beauty.
“It bleeds, it scars, but it shines when times get hard”.
It is a celebration of our strength and beauty.

11. "If You're Reading This" ~ Tim McGraw

This heartfelt song is a tribute to the families of soldiers who have died.
Its lyrics take the form of a letter written from a soldier to his family —
a letter that is intended to be sent only if the soldier dies.

12. "Arlington" ~ Trace Adkins

This song is from the viewpoint of a soldier,
killed in battle and buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
It is a hauntingly beautiful song about sacrifice, honor,
and the cost of freedom,
and it leaves a lasting impression.

13. "Some Gave All" ~ Billy Ray Cyrus

It is a timeless portrayal of the selfless sacrifices
made by service members and their families.
It is a song to let our veterans know that we appreciate their sacrifice,
that they are the true definition of “Some Gave All”.

14. "American Flag on the Moon" ~ Brad Paisley

This song invites Americans to dream big …
After all there is an American flag on the moon.
The song was inspired by Paisley’s son believing he could see the flag from earth.

15. "American Spirit" ~ Thomas Rhett

This song pays tribute to all hard-working Americans.
It fills you with nostalgia and makes you think of your youth.
It reminds you of the freedoms you have
and the patriotism you feel.


16. "Have You Forgotten" ~ Darryl Worley

This patriotic song was inspired by the September 11 attacks.
The message is one of support for the victims, their families,
and the veterans and troops who went to war to fight for our freedoms.

17. "Angel Flight" ~ Radney Foster

This song will inspire gratitude.
The name of the song was decided after a soldier informed Radney …
the term “AngelFlight” refers to the flying the body of a deceased soldier home.

18. "American Soldier" ~ Toby Keith

The song is about a soldier who is headed off to war.
It was written shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
Keith said he wrote the song based on what he thought …
his father’s thoughts on the terrorist attacks would have been.

19. "American Saturday Night" ~ Brad Paisley

This upbeat song is about all the things that are borrowed from other countries and traditions that make America great;
And how we have a melting pot of that on a typical American Saturday night.

20. "American Nights" ~ Morgan Wallen

This song brings back fond memories of American small towns
and late nights under the stars.
It is a reminder of how great it is to be American.


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