3 Ways To Relax After A Long Day

3 Ways To Relax After A Long Day

Feeling tense and worn out is almost inevitable if you don't spend enough time relaxing.

Without taking time out for yourself, the stress gradually builds up to a breaking point.

Instead of getting frazzled and run-down, have a break and seek a few quick, tried and true pick-me-ups.

I’ve been trying these myself with amazing results 😀

#1 - Get outside in nature more often - The benefits of spending more time outside in nature have now been proven by science, so after a long day go for a nice stroll down at the nearest park or forest!

#2 - Be more mindful - This is really the art of allowing thoughts to arise without reacting to them.  Just simply sit in a comfy position, breathe and focus on your breath.  Whenever a thought pops up, just observe, don’t react.

#3 - Give more - This may sound ambiguous but trust me on this.  When you give a gift, a favor, your time, your attention...whatever it is, you will feel a deep sense of gratitude and happiness.

Amy - Head Of Happiness

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