The Meaning of The Butterfly

The Meaning of The Butterfly

Do you remember as a kid when you used to chase butterflies all over your garden?

You thought they were the prettiest and most magical little things.

Maybe you used to (attempt to) draw them, or even eat them!

And as you grew older your fascination deepened as you learned that the beautiful butterfly started off as an ugly little caterpillar!

What an amazing transformation 😀

It’s in this process that the meaning of the butterfly was formed in our culture and specifically jewelry.

The butterfly represents a symbol of transformation because of its impressive metamorphosis--from caterpillar to chrysalis and ultimately, the butterfly.

Butterflies also symbolize spring, a celebratory time of year, and embody the beauty of symmetry, pattern, color, and shape.

Maybe you haven’t connected the dots up until now...

But what an amazing thing to be reminded of!

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