Why We Changed Our Name

Announcement: Our official 'name change' is effective from 5 June 2020 - 10PM EST.

We have some very EXCITING news!

As a company, we believe that every phase brings a new opportunity to grow.

Just as in life, we must always be looking ahead, and planning for growth and that’s exactly what we have done here.

As the days went on, we felt it was time to introduce a NEW brand name that better aligns with our commitment as.

We have some very exciting news.

After lengthy discussions, planning, and to our goal to push the company to greater heights, we are changing our store name from aphrodite's to Aphrodite’s.

We are thrilled about this name change as we will be adding a vast array of Aphrodite’s Collections & a very unique “Aphrodite’s Box” to come!

Aphrodite is very well known in mythology as the Goddess of Beauty and Love.

What a fit!

With our new site upgrade, you’ll get access to a wider range of the following:

  • Gifts & Gift Sets
  • Beautiful jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Watches
  • And many accessories to come…

We have big plans and we are so glad to have you on this exciting journey with us!

During this transformation, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of amazing giveaways, new products, special deals, and discounts for your loyalty.

So ... you will want to stay tuned!

Our company has gone through much transformation throughout the years and we are very grateful for each and every one of you.

What Will Happen With This New Company Change?

  • Name changing to “Aphrodite’s” with a brand new sleek and amazing logo
  • New branding throughout the site
  • Our level of customer service will rise for the best experience possible.
  • Giving our products a higher quality standard than we ever had before. (While keeping our prices low & around the same!)
  • New products & collections that will add the most amazing pieces to your collection and make you feel… AMAZING!

The store will see some minor changes as we change our name, but over the coming weeks, it will have a complete overhaul.

We thought it best to make the changes slowly to keep continuity.

Your continued support and patronage are greatly appreciated!

The Aphrodite’s Team (Formerly known as aphrodite's Inc)

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As part of our transformation we are giving an amazing $100 gift card to one person every day for the next two weeks.
Monday June 8 - June 22 2020.

All you need to do is enter your name and email for your chance to win.

Conditions Apply:

*Give Away date: Monday June 8 - June 21 2020
*Only one entry per person.
*Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
*Gift Card cannot be transferred to another person.
*The Gift Card is valid for 30 days from email delivery.
*This is a virtual Gift Card.

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