About Aphrodite’s

Aphrodite's is a daughter company of Bergio™ - a well known fine jewelry brand. (More about Bergio below) We are a leading online venture specializing in personal jewelry, gifting, and must-have accessories. We love creating unique handmade pieces of jewelry and emotive message cards to give women around the world items that are both beautiful and heartfelt. We produce beautiful jewelry for yourself, friends, and loved ones that celebrate those special moments, boost self-confidence, and have a profound meaning.

About Bergio™

European sensibility, Italian craftsmanship and a bold flair for the unexpected. Bergio, is one of the most coveted brands of fine jewelry. Established in 1995, Bergio’s signature innovative design, coupled with extraordinary diamonds and precious stones, earned the company recognition as a highly sought-after purveyor of rare and exquisite treasures from around the globe.

When designer and CEO, Berge Abajian, creates a collection, he looks well beyond the drawing board. Berge focuses on the woman who will ultimately wear his pieces, bringing to creation a magnificent piece of jewelry that reflects the beauty and vitality a woman possesses. Bergio creations are a seamless blend of classic elegance and subtle flair, adding to a woman’s charm while never overpowering her.

Why Us

All of our jewelry is handmade and engraved in the United States and Turkey to the highest standards of craftsmanship. We stand behind our products, which is why every jewelry piece we sell includes a 1 year warranty against any defects, wear, or breakage. Our 925 sterling silver and solid gold jewelry all also include a certificate of authenticity.

Handcrafted Manufactured in the US Straight to consumer Friendly & helpful support team Best Quality